Essential Polish Vocabulary – The Weather

Poland enjoys the full gamut of weather conditions, from hot summers to snowy winters. The Polish weather is known for its changes, so it is best to prepare for all seasons when you pack for your trip! For those looking to explore on foot, June to September is the best time to visit and the best chance of good weather. Many open-air events are held at this time of the year, although the beautiful, colorful fall in Poland, known as the Golden Polish Autumn (Złota Polska Jesień), has many outdoor cultural festivals that also take place later in the year.

Poland is known for its harsh winters, and in some places there is snow on the ground from November to March. This period is also the skiing season, and the resort of Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains offers the best slopes for taking advantage of the snowy conditions. For those who aren’t interested in winter sports, the winter can still be a great time to visit Poland — the temperatures may be subzero, but the scenery becomes truly magical under a blanket of snow. If you aren’t fond of snow, it is best to visit after March 21st, the official start of spring.

Phrase in Polish Phrase in English Pronunciation
Pogoda Weather Pogoda
Jaka dziś jest pogoda? What’s the weather like today? Yaka djeesh yest pogoda?
Dobra pogoda Nice weather Dobra pogoda
Zła pogoda Bad weather Zwa pogoda
Gorąco Hot Gorontso
Zimno Cold Zeemno
Ciepło Warm Chepwo
Słonecznie Sunny Swonech-nya
Deszczowo Rainy Desh-chovo
Chmura Cloud Chmoora
Mgła Fog Mgwa
Błyskawica Lightning Bwiskaveetsa
Burza Thunderstorm Boozha
Deszcz Rain Desh-ch
Wiatr Wind V-yatr
Śnieg Snow Sh-nyek
Lód Ice Lood
Mróz Frost Mroos
Pada deszcz It’s raining Pada desh-ch
Pada śnieg It’s snowing Pada sh-nyek
Parasol Umbrella Parasol
Nieprzemakalny Waterproof N-yepshemakalni
Wilgotny Wet Veelgotni
Suchy Dry Soo-heeh
Temperatura Temperature Temperatoora
Mapa pogodowa Weather map Mapa pogodova
Prognoza pogody Weather forecast Prognozah pogodih
Północ North Poownots
Południe South Powood-nyeh
Wschód East Fs hoot
Zachód West Za hoot
Wiosna Spring V-yosna
Lato Summer Lato
Jesień Autumn Yeshenyuh
Zima Winter Zeema (with a very soft ‘z’)

Slang/Commonly Used Expressions:

Expression in Polish Expression in English Pronunciation
Jest mi zimno. I’m cold. Yest mee zeemno
Jaki śliczny dzień! What a gorgeous day! Yaki shleechni djeny
Będzie burza. There’s going to be a storm. Bendjeh boozha
Zmiana pogody na gorszą. A bad turn in the weather. Z-myeana pogodih na gorsh-om
Piękna/okropna pogoda, prawda? Nice/awful weather, isn’t it? Pyenkna/okropna pogoda, pravda?